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 The Colaboration round submission has officially been posted!

I just wanted to say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you all, and of course, I wanted to give you guys an odd little gift, both in white and black, as a final sentiment to you all.

It is the text from the potion bottle in my colab round submission, and it reads (essentially left to right): "FUCK YOUR SHIP, WE'RE TANGLEBUDDIES".
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Since I was a lazy bum, bonus round two entries are getting piled in this one at the bottom.

Bonus Round 3
Retro Gaming

(No entries for our ship... so far!)

Bonus Round 2
Round Robin Fanadventures

Game 1 started by [personal profile] faeriearmy (Eridan<3<Sollux)
Game 2 started by [personal profile] tavdos (Dave<3Tavros)

As usual, post anything you have done in the comments!

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ROUND TWO - June 23rd to July 7th

Prompt: Monsters

where the wild things are

This round, your challenge is to incorporate supernatural creatures somehow. Zombies, ghosts, werewolves, and of course vampires/rainbow drinkers are all welcome! Make sure the supernatural aspects of your entry are dealt with in a substantial way—ideally it shouldn't just be a throwaway line.


Oh my god you guys. THIS IS OUR ROUND.
Bugg hai yhrli, gof'nn hupadgh n'ght! Y ilyaa uh'e throd!!!!!
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Figured I'd make a little entry to this, mainly to show off the lovely things we've recieved already!

And like with round zero, feel free to post what you have filled/prompted as well :D

Cyberpunk Crime fiction
Prompted by: [personal profile] salticidae (Meenah<3<Roxy)
Filled by: [livejournal.com profile] write_skivvie (Dave<3Karkat)

Suburban Gothic (Sburban Gothic?) Planetary romance
Prompted by: [personal profile] adaorardor (Rose<3Roxy)
Filled by: [personal profile] fayharley (Dirk<3Jane<3Jake<3Roxy)

Children's poetry monster literature
Prompted by: [personal profile] para_normally (John<3Rose)

Filled by:  [personal profile] indigold (Dave<3Rose<3Terezi)

Prompts not filled:

Mermaids, Children's book
Prompted by: [personal profile] murasakivie (Eridan<3Karkat)

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I need to enstate a vice-palhoncho, so if you would like to take on that role, comment here. The role of palhoncho is described below, and a vice palhoncho would obviously be another admin to the community page, as well as an alternate source of communication for questions, suggestions, and submissions during the run of the event.

The Palhoncho is responsible for
  • Organizing the collaborative round
  • Submitting the entry for each round
  • Maintaining order and peace within the team (to a reasonable extent!)
  • Checking in with the mods when asked
  • Contacting the mods if the team has any questions or issues
I think first-come first-serve is probably the fairest way to do this. However, f the appointed vice-palhoncho ever drops out of regular activity and communication, the second in line will take their place, and so on and so forth.
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Because of the nature of this particular round, I kind of wanted to make an entry both for our team to post and show off what we've made for other teams, but also to showcase the AWESOME things I've seen other people make for us.

- From [personal profile] skaiasthelimit  of team Terezi<3Vriska [Link]

- From [personal profile] lira  (whom we still love as a teammate :3) or team Jade<3John<3Karkat [Link]

- From [personal profile] moxieroxy  of team Kanaya<>Karkat [Link]

- From [personal profile] jabberwockyx  of team Bro<3Dad [Link]

- From [personal profile] montage  of team Jade<3Kanaya, [Link]

- From inkysquid of team Jade<3John<3Karkat [Link]

- From [personal profile] tavdos  of team Dave<3Tavros [Link]

- From [personal profile] veebox  of team ParcelPyxis [Link]

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(Scuttle over to the introductions post and answer the three new questions, and I'll put everyone's preferred contacts here for quick reference)

[personal profile] berrycherrysorbet  ==> Skype (minty.bun) - Tumblr

[personal profile] bobrossfan   ==> AIM (geromys) -  Tumblr

[personal profile] butterking   
==> Tumblr

[personal profile] cassidoodle   
==> Tumblr

[personal profile] genten  
 ==> Tumblr - Email

[personal profile] oliviamacabre  ==> Skype (oliviamacabre) - Tumblr - Email ==> Your Faithful Palhoncho

[personal profile] nmt00   ==> Tumblr - 

[personal profile] nomyriad  
 ==> Tumblr - Email ==> Your Faithful Vice-Palhoncho

[personal profile] pallidot  
 ==> Skype (Lazulini) - Tumblr

[personal profile] scottytier   ==> Skype (typhytier) - Tumblr
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First of all, welcome everyone! I'm thrilled to be working with every one of you.

Second of all, let's all take a moment to introduce ourselves.
  • Name (and/or what you go by in the mythic internet realm):
  • Skype, AIM, or other instant messager:
  • Preferred email:
  • Other contacts you'd like to tell us about (ie. tumblr, livejournal, DA, etc.):
  • Your chosen modes of creative expression (ie. writing, drawing, interpretive dance, etc.):
  • Favorite Homestuck alpha kid, beta kid, troll:
  • Any other information you'd like to share:

EDIT: Suggested Additions from the Moderators
  • Your Preferred Pronouns
  • Your Time Zone (In GMT)
  • Preferred Contact Method (because I only vaguely asked this before)


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